Life is good – but it can be even better if you spice it up!

Are you

Getting bored with your routine meals and looking for something interesting?

Cutting down on sodium because your doctor said so, but tell yourself how miserable life is without taste?

Wondering what the hype with spices is all about and how they can spruce up your diet or enhance your health?

Or are you

a curious soul and excited about exploring how the world uses spices?

a foodie with an ardent interest in all kinds of food and cuisines around the globe?

Life is good, and SPICE101 can help you enjoy it even more!

Here is how —

Quick & Easy: find recipes to integrate spices into your daily meals!

Spice 101 or matrix: learn all about spices!

Health Benefits 101 or matrix: find out the spices that may help, heal or enhance your health!

World Cuisines: bring the world to your tabletop and impress your guests!

And more —

Run out of a particular spice? No worries – use Spice Substitutions!

Like to create your own recipes? Click Spice Pairings or Ingredient Parings for inspiration!

And if you need a little hand, here is a handy chart for cooking unit conversions!

All these options are also conveniently accessible from the top menu bar at the Home page.

Life is good, and it is even better if you spice it up!


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